FOTB2010 Elevator pitch notes

Thanks to everyone showing up at this year’s elevator pitch; The lot of us were sat shit scared backstage, and came back offstage high as kites on adrenaline. It was absolutely fun and I’m so happy I got to do it; Thanks John!

In case you were there I want to add some notes to the pitch, and also brief you a bit concerning the future of the project.

In use

To get the most out of the console it needs to be integrated in your development process. It is totally possible to one-line it and simply use it to hack at your app “from the outside in”, but if you make proper use of it by creating commands for functions or even creating specific functions to be used with commands, you can get a lot more out of it.

Instead of thinking of it as a debugging tool, think of it as a development tool; It’s there to assist you in probing and experimenting with your own code so you can reach the right conclusions faster, and overall have to do less actual debugging. Creating commands is absolutely key to reaching this kind of workflow.
The benefit is the sense that your application, when it runs, has an extra level of interactivity dedicated to enabling the developer.

The future and 2.0

The version of the console on display this time was the previous version of the console. It began as a logger that was developed as a side project over the course of many other projects, so a lot of its cooler features are built on top of a framework that wasn’t ever designed to be so complex. As a result, the codebase has become difficult to manage and extend in a meaningful way.

This is not to say that version is not usable, it absolutely is and performs exactly as advertised, but as an open source project it requires some rejigging before it can grow easily, particularly from an interface point of view.

I began work on 2.0 about 4 months ago with the specific goal of cleaning up the code base and improve the user experience. It’s currently closed source simply because it doesn’t even build yet. As soon as it’s something useful the source will be merged back into the main repository and proper open source development can commence. You can follow its development here

Thank you for your attention guys. Woo! Fun!

3 thoughts on FOTB2010 Elevator pitch notes

  1. just wanted to join in and say thanks for showing us your work (and you did a good job presenting it as well!) , the console looks like a very useful tool, will try to download and play with it as well.
    Thanks again!

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